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Ettiquette & Expectations

You'll want to make a good impression, this is how you do it. Be memorable for all the right reasons.


Suitors desiring to be a new lover of mine must provide a reference from a presently working, reputable independent Service Provider (include their website),

OR your real name, # and verifiable personal information.

References without a website/ad that I can check will not be accepted.

There are no exceptions to screening. If I am not comfortable I guarantee we will not have a good time together.

Personal info

If you've chosen to send me personal information as a method of screening, it will remain in my email until the end of our date. I am the only person who has access to my email. If you've been a safe gentleman and have done no harm to me, your personal information will be swiftly deleted from my email and trash will be emptied.


A deposit may be required when:

  • the date is 3h or more

  • booking a Saturday or Sunday

  • booking a multi-companion date

  • a method of screening

  • you have cancelled last minute in the past

  • at my discretion

A deposit is non-refundable unless I cannot make our date. If I'm given at least 48h notice to cancel, the deposit can be transferred to a future date within 2 months. Past 2 months it is surrendered to me. Providing me less than 48h notice to cancel the full amount of the deposit is surrendered to me.

I accept deposits in the following methods:

  • Interact E-transfer (preferred)

  • Bitcoin

  • E-giftcard of my choosing

Our Date

Please respond to my confirmation message on the morning of our date at your earliest convenience. If you do not confirm within 2 hours of our date I will not prepare myself and make my way to meet you.

When you have arrived and I am ready to have you up at the hour of our date, please follow the arrival instructions I'll have sent you.


Upon your arrival you may surrender your sacrifice to the nearest tabletop.

If I am meeting you at your hotel, please have my envelope in the washroom and allow me to excuse myself at the beginning of our date.

If you are late I cannot guarantee the full length of our date.

If you are 15 minutes late without notifying me, I will consider the date a no call/no show and carry on with my day. If a deposit was sent it is surrendered to me without the option to reschedule.

In the unlikely event that I am late, our whole time booked together will be honoured that day or if not possible, added to our next date.

Vittoria from behind.


There will be a shower and amenities available for your use before and after our date. Expect to shower at my place (weather you have prior to arrival or not) before we get more comfortable. Please refrain from wearing cologne just for me. I don't wear any scents, myself.

In Date Extensions

If you're not ready to leave and I'm able to stay, an additional $300 per half hour must be presented to me in cash before we resume.

I understand life may create obstacles in which we will have to cancel or reschedule. If done 48h before our date there is no penalty (unless I've noticed a pattern) unless I've required a deposit from you. If cancelled with less than 48h before our date, your deposit is surrendered to me and a deposit may be needed to book me in the future.


I am happy to provide a reference for you up to 3 times. The reference I will provide will speak on if you were safe, hygienic and pleasant enough company for me to see you again. I will not share any personal or distinct information that you've disclosed to me. I don't require a heads up to be used as a reference.


I don't mind having honest words written about me on the local forums, but please keep it tasteful and discreet. Be mature about it. Vulgar and explicit posts won't be appreciated and I will report the posts no matter how positive the review. Keep it short n sweet.

If you recognize me in public

No you didn't.

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